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The Goodman & Hummel Basketball Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

Jeff and Rob break down the most overrated teams in the county along with other pressing NCAA Basketball news.


6:46 Auburn’s self-imposed postseason ban


14:06 Scott Drew tests positive for COVID-19


25:21 What are the biggest non-COVID related storylines


38:52 Most overrated team this year?


48:30 Mac McClung...

Nov 16, 2020

The NBA Draft is Wednesday. Get ready for it with Jeff and Rob's thoughts on the prospects this year. 


1:33 Reaction to Anthony Stewart passing away


13:05 2020 NBA Draft has good depth 


18:21 The number one pick dilemma 


26:40 Warriors should be all over Wiseman


33:31 Anthony Edwards scares me


44:38 Draft...

Nov 10, 2020

Kevin Willard is the head coach for Seton Hall.


3:05 Confidence in the season actually happening


10:48 Coaching under Pitino 


23:36 Was it hard getting over last season?


31:35 College basketball has a ton of good coaches right now


34:07 Being roommates with Frank Vogel 


Available for download on iTunes and...

Nov 6, 2020

Ted Valentine is a referee for the NCAA.


1:32 Being on TV all the time 


10:25 Fans impact on the game


14:31 Coaches that won’t let it go


22:30 First time meeting Coach Knight


42:55 Turning his back on Joe Berry


54:00 Reffing Robbie Hummel and Purdue 


58:01 Last year in the Big 10


1:07:02 How to...