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The Goodman & Hummel Basketball Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

Jeff and Rob tackle NCAA scandals in the first ever episode of The Goodman & Hummel Podcast


3:00 Arizona punishment FINALLY coming


15:51 Allegations against Greg Marshall


30:02 Similarities to the Pat Chambers case?


35:57 Early season events are in danger of falling apart


45:50 What should the Minnesota...

Oct 14, 2020

Greg McDermott is the head coach for the Creighton Blue Jays. Twitter: @cucoachmac


3:57 Excited for practice starting soon


12:30 Coaching Doug


15:46 Being in the Big East has been a blessing for Creighton 


24:28 Teams with experience will thrive this year 


25:19 Fans in arenas?


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Oct 9, 2020

Rob Dauster used to cover NCAA Basketball for NBC Sports. Hey, you should hire Rob. Twitter: @RobDauster


1:30 Does Gregg Marshall keep his job?


8:47 Other claims against Marshall 


19:51 Wichita State players, past and present, are not fans of Marshall 


24:40 This should be a warning for other “bully...

Oct 8, 2020

Chris Mack is the head coach for the Louisville Men's Basketball Team. Twitter: @CoachChrisMack


1:26 Chris Mack responds to Calipari’s criticism 


7:37 Any issue with LeBron walking off the court?


9:46 NCAA’s scheduling makes no sense


16:32 Best Bill Murray story


26:50 What to expect from Louisville this...

Oct 6, 2020

Chris Mooney is the head coach for Richmond basketball. 


04:55 Scheduling has been really difficult this year 


12:06 Having the oldest starting 5 in basketball 


27:56 What to do if a team gets infected by COVID


32:04 How good can this year’s team be?


41:10 2004 Air Force is one of the most...