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The Goodman & Hummel Basketball Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

Sam Vecenie is a Senior Writer for the NBA/NBA Draft for The Athletic. Matt Babcock is an NBA analyst for Babcock Hoops. Twitter: @Sam_Vecenie; @MattBabcock11



2:38 Biggest stories of Draft Lottery night 


9:05 Concerns w/ the #1 pick


17:48 Who has more off-the-court baggage: LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards?



Aug 10, 2020

Leonard Hamilton is the head coach for the Florida State Seminoles. Twitter: @FSUCoachHam


1:18 Remembering Michael Ojo


11:05 Why Coach Hamilton isn’t a leading voice in the BLM movement


25:53 Helping black head coaches get jobs


41:20 How can we play college basketball this season safely?


Available for...

Aug 4, 2020

Rob Dauster is currently a free agent. You should probably hire him. Twitter: @RobDauster 


13:48 Any surprising names coming back to school for 2020-2021?


29:33 Who made the worst decisions?


35:49 Does Makur Maker go to Howard?


40:40 What’s Wisconsin’s upside?


45:00 Early look at the top-25 teams