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The Goodman & Hummel Basketball Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

Kyle Keller is the head coach for Stephen F Austin. Twitter: @coach_keller12


2:37 Life since beating Duke less-than-24 hours ago


15:19 What was the game plan?


24:40 Coach K the best in our sport


30:53 Pre-game pump up speech 


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Nov 23, 2019

Rob Dauster covers the NCAA for NBC Sports. Twitter: @RobDauster 


4:37 Is Duke REALLY that good?


16:45 Vernon Carey is picking the Blue Devils up


26:50 Danny Hurley needs two more years to build UCONN up


33:27 Roger Ayers is a GRINDER 


35:57 Oklahoma State allegations 


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Nov 11, 2019

Robbie Hummel is an Big10 Analyst for ESPN and the Big10 Network. Twitter: @RobbieHummel


5:24 The future for 3-on-3 basketball


14:03 James Wiseman situation


25:23 First impressions of Wiseman


33:17 Cassius Winston is awesome


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Nov 6, 2019

Rob Dauster covers NCAA Basketball for NBC Sports. Twitter: @RobDauster


2:27 Dodson is the only guy that can make plays for Kansas


10:08 Duke’s team already has great chemistry


17:27 Tyrese Maxey was the best player on the floor that night


30:00 Is there a dominant team this year?


33:31 Three biggest...