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The Goodman & Hummel Basketball Podcast

Jun 25, 2020

The players:

Kevin Keatts - NC State (formerly Hargrave Military Academy)

Jere Quinn - St. Thomas More

Raphael Chillious - South Kent

Whit Lesure - Bridgton Academy

John Carroll - Northfield Mount Hermon

Chris Chaney - Scotland Campus

Jason Smith - Brewster Academy

Mo Cassara - Formerly of Worcester Academy

Bill Barton - Formerly of Notre Dame Prep

Adam Finklestein - New England Basketball Report/ESPN


12:56 Best prep school player ever?


20:55 Best Andre Drummond story


34:50 How is coaching different today?


43:46 Reminiscing about great prep teams


52:00 Favorite player you ever coached?


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